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In the following links we present the many reasons why water cooling is the next step in general aviation piston engines.
  • Overview
  • Getting rid of the heat
  • Heat - the top end killer
  • More power per cubic inch
  • Better performance and fuel economy
  • Radiator technology - past and present
  • Shock cooling - Problem solved!
  • The secret to achieving longer TBOs
  • Flying faster on the same power - reducing cooling drag
  • Side benefits - Safer cabin heat
  • Dispelling the Myths

  • Liquid Cooled Air Power, Inc. is dedicated to advancing the development of the General Aviation piston engine. For the last 50+ years there has been virtually no real improvement over the basic air-cooled horizontally opposed engines that power the vast majority of General Aviation aircraft. How such stagnation came to pass is due to a myriad of reasons and frankly we would rather not dwell on the past. We are here to show that advancements are possible and we feel that the time is right to start advancing beyond the air-cooled piston engines of yesterday.

    We have assembled a team of engineers, craftsmen and manufacturers that bring together an extraordinary and diverse amount of experience in aviation, and high performance racing both on land and marine environments. At Liquid Cooled Air Power we are blending all of this experience together in order to design and build the next generation of aviation piston engines. 

    We are adapting the experience and technology that has been proven in high performance racing to meet aviation's unique requirements of both high performance and long term reliability. We have also addressed the unique nature of the aviation market that is defined by small production runs of high performance parts and the ability to produce those parts in a cost effective manner and not just meet but also exceed the expectations of quality, safety and reliability.

    At Liquid Cooled Air Power we believe that the next step in the technological advancement of General Aviation piston engines is to convert to water cooling.

    General Aviation piston engines are essentially the last of the air-cooled piston engines virtually all other engines have converted to water cooling? The vast majority of motorcycle engines and even die hard air-cooled automotive engine manufacturers like Porsche have gone to water cooling in the quest for more power and reliability per cubic inch of displacement. In fact water cooled automotive engines have in many instances more than doubled the power output per cubic inch of displacement in the last 7 years. One of the principle reasons such advances have been possible is because the operating temperature of the engine is kept at a stable and efficient level safely allowing higher compression ratios and more exotic fuel and engine management systems to be developed.

    The benefits of water cooling are substantial:

    • Lower and stable engine temperatures
    • Lower cooling drag
    • Elimination of shock cooling
    • Improved performance
    • Better fuel efficiency
    • Higher reliability
    • Longer engine and component life
    • Safer cabin heat

    History has shown that advances in engines have tended to drive the development of airframes. Today we are seeing considerable improvement in higher technology airframes and avionics yet, even these new airframes are held back by yesterday's engines. Yes, there are other types of multi-fuel engines being developed and hopefully one day they will actually power general aviation aircraft. But these new multi-fuel engines are designed for new airframes without any consideration of adaptation to the vast fleet of existing aircraft. It will take years before these multi-fuel engines have the necessary support in the field; in terms of things as basic as fuel availability and more importantly to experienced and properly equipped service facilities.

    At Liquid Cooled Air Power we believe that in order to be successful that we must offer new engine technology to both existing and future aircraft at a reasonable cost while at the same time taking into account the ability to service and maintain this new technology in the field. Our engines run on the same fuel as their air-cooled counterparts but have the ability to also run reliably on lower octane unleaded automotive fuels. More importantly we are introducing our water cooled technology in such a way that service facilities will have no problem handling maintenance due to parts commonality.

    Aircraft owners and pilots are traditionally very conservative when it comes to the most important part of their aircraft the engine. We understand that and we have taken great care to develop and introduce our first product in a manner that should instill confidence in the aviation community. We have spent the last few years developing our first water cooled aircraft engine solution and we are confident that it will meet the approval of the aviation community.

    We are committed to producing real and usable advancements not just press releases and promises. Today we are offering advances in engine technology that can be used in both existing as well as yet to be designed aircraft.

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